Node.js? What’s that?


What’s the deal with Node.js right? As you know, JavaScript used to be a language that only worked on the client-side. And then Chrome V8 Engine, which we run in the browser, has been made available to us and now we can use JavaScript on the server-side as well. Basically, Chrome V8 Engine, which allows us to use the Javascript language on the server-side, is called Node.js.

Node.js is basically server-side javascript. Since it is based on Javascript, it has a very dynamic and fast structure.

By moving Javascript language to the Back-end via Node.js, you can…


I honestly had no idea about Git & Github when I started my journey in the programming world. At first, I thought they were computer languages like Java & JavaScript. Quickly I realized that they are being used for version control system designed to handle everything from small to very large projects.

What’s Git?

By far, the most widely used modern version control system in the world today is Git. The major difference between Git and any other VCS is the way Git thinks about its data. Conceptually, most other systems store information as a list of file-based changes. These…

Do you want to enable some cool animations when people scroll through your React App but you don’t know how to implement that? The answer is simple. Animate.css & Wow.js

So you are building an app in JS and you decided to add a feature that sends an email directly from your app right? You did some googling and then you ran into these 2 separate approaches to tackle this problem. Nodemailler and Email.js. I think the question is which to choose? In this blog, I will try to explain the differences between them.

In my previous post, I covered the rails side of things for authentication. I meant to write another blog for frontend-related things about authentication but I got really busy and I couldn’t find a time to make this happen. Finally, I can talk about that now.


Let’s first start with creating a react app. And make sure that you installed react-router-dom.

npm create-react-app 'yourprojectname'npm install --save react-router-dom


In the App.js import BrowserRouter, Switch and Route components from react-router-dom. We’ll define our routes in Route component and then we will wrap our routes in Switch component…

When I was working on my React app, I wanted to have sign-up/log in options for users and didn’t know where to start from. All I know was I wanted to handle the authentication on Rails. And did some research about it and it seemed like I had two options to get this done. The first one was using JSON WEB TOKENs. Pretty sure you saw these 3 letters somewhere JWT. And the other option was using our beloved session cookies. Since I was familiar with cookies from my previous projects I wanted to go with that option. …

Hello, world! Yes! It’s me again. Today, I will talk about the final project I did for Flatiron school. Basically, in my app, a user can browse through 500,000+ video games and add them to their collection if they want. The app allows users to sign up, log in as well. I know 500,000 + video games sound crazy. In order to do that, I decided to use RAWG API on my frontend. I knew it was going to be a challenging project but I wanted to put everything I know so far on this project and I am very…


First of all, I have to say, this was the most difficult project I had to deal with so far at Flatiron School. We were asked to build a single page application by using a backend API that has to be created on Rails and JavaScript on the frontend. Additionally, we were asked to have a backend that includes a resource with at least one has-many relationship. …

My third Flatiron project is a Rails application that allows users to keep track of the movies that they want to watch. The app is intended to be some kind of watchlist for users.
The application provides standard user authentication, including signup, login, logout, and passwords, and also allows login from Google.


Once a user is logged in, they can see either the movie boxes -if they created one- or a message forcing them to create one.

movie_boxes index page.

A user can create a movie box either by clicking on the button says “create a new movie box” or the link on…

Here I am again and writing a blog for the second project I made for Flatiron school. This time I built a CRUD, MVC app using Sinatra. Basically, I built an app for students that they can keep track of the projects they made. They can create/read/update/delete a project on the app. Comparing to my first CLI project, it was way more complicated but honestly, it was easier to build. I think I just don’t like play with APIs :) And of course, thanks to the authors of ActiveRecord, Sinatra, and lots of useful Ruby gems. They all made my…

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